European Nephrology Quality Improvement Network




The survival of end-stage renal disease patients depends on very expensive and complex treatments, i.e. renal replacement therapy (RRT), including dialysis and renal transplantation. Almost all EU countries have renal registries reporting incidence, prevalence, and outcome of RRT. These registries are working together in the ERA-EDTA Registry. They want to contribute to the improvement of quality of care by the collection of clinical performance indicators, but current data collection methods are inefficient and indicators are incomparable at the European level. At the registries request, European expert committees have prepared a provisional list of selected and standardized indicators.

NephroQUEST will take the next steps needed to ensure EU-wide dissemination of comparable, high-quality RRT data collection: acceptance of a standardized indicator set, development of standardized information technology for automated data collection and raising the level of new or already existing but less well developed registries to high standards.

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